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"A lot has changed since our time. At first we had paddy fields here and then the walls were built. So the change started from our time too. Itís always nice to be back in AKS,D."

Sarfaraz Ahmed
Class of 1988

International Partnerships

The School is part of several unique partnerships and associations that have been formed with leading academic institutions, including institutions in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. These partnerships contribute to the quality of the curriculum and to the professional development programmes. They also ensure that the School maintains and enhances its standing.

Of particular note is the International Academic Partnership (IAP), which includes Phillips Academy in the United States, the Schule Schloss Salem in Germany, the Aga Khan University’s Institute for Educational Development in Pakistan and Aga Khan Education Services schools in a number of countries.

IAP’s objectives are to promote global education and student-centred teaching, with a particular focus on professional development for teachers and curricular innovation. Find out more on the International Academic Partnership.  Since its founding in 1993, the IAP has linked over 400 schools in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Uganda and the United States. Sixty-four Phillips Academy faculty and 500 AKES teachers have been involved in the programme. In addition, teachers from school districts in United States are participating in the programme through an affiliation with the University of Texas at Austin.

Programmes include Islamic Cultural Studies, a multidisciplinary curriculum for the study of Islam and Muslim civilisations in a non-doctrinal, comparative and historical context. Another course is Global Economics, which aims to develop skills in this field by drawing on examples from the international economy.

Professional Development Teacher workshops facilitated by Phillips Academy, AKU-IED and AKES offer up to three weeks of full-time study in content and pedagogy for teachers in AKES, and other English Medium schools. New initiatives include workshops on integration of technology into the classroom

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