English Across the Curriculum-A Follow Up

01 July 2007

By Samuel Musoke, Professional Development Teacher

(by Samuel Musoke, Professional Development Teacher)
Following an ‘English Across the Curriculum’ workshop conducted this term by the Language Department (with help from Primary School staff), teachers have new zeal in emphasising language in their classes, fully aware of its contribution to students’ learning. Each teacher has put on new ‘lenses’ to examine how students’ proficiency in language affects understanding of what they read and hear.

Students with weaker English skills find it hard to cope with lengthy readings; Some staff are devising measures to assist such students. Science teachers have reported that they are doing group reading in the classroom as a way of helping students develop note-making skills. It is hoped that, over time, students will learn to pick important points from large texts.

The Mathematics Department is ahead of the game, as their focus on Language started early in 2004. The workshop however helped to bring out important ideas such as ‘visualization’, something maths teachers do a lot. Stronger emphasis is now put on the various meanings mathematical words carry that will enhance student’s understanding.