Sports - others

24 April 2007
Students are given the opportunity to play sport both socially and in competitive fixtures. Students can take part in a wide range of sporting activities that are run on a "sport for all" basis while our more serious athletes take part in additional coaching sessions.

Some of the highlights and achievements of our school teams include:

  • U6 Soccer Team has won the Banda Friendly Tournament three years in a row (2004, 2005, 2006)
  • U11 Rounders Team won The Aga Khan Junior Academy Tournament in 2005
  • U9 Netball team won the Premier Tournament in 2005
  • U12 Cricket Team won the cricket Premier Tournament in 200
  • U11 Boys Cricket Team won the Aga Khan Junior Academy Cricket Tournament in 2006
  • U11 Rounders team became first runners-up in The Aga Khan Junior Academy Rounders Tournament in 2006