Visit to the Cerebral Palsy Centre and Likoni School for the Blind

08 October 2008

Year Six students write about their visit to the Cerebral Palsy Centre and the Likoni School for the blind.

Year Six students share their impressions after their visits to the Cerebral Palsy Centre and the Likoni School for the Blind.

Click to enlarge imageIt was a most humbling and touching experience for the year six students and their teachers. "We all left feeling grateful that we have all our senses and limbs in order and functioning and at the same time full of compassion for those with different impairments. It was interesting having an insight into how students with hearing impairments and autism learn and how physiotherapy is used to develop muscles for those with cerebral palsy.

Click to enlarge imageAt the School for the Blind we saw how the blind use Braille to read and write and it was amazing that some of the students were really good in mental sums. We plan to take action by raising money to support these two institutions.

Click to enlarge imageThey really are in need of learning and manipulative resources. We feel very blessed to be learning at the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa where we have so many resources and facilities."