AKA,Mombasa Swimmers travel to Cape Town

25 March 2009

Students from the AKA,Mombasa swim team participate in swimming championships held in South Africa.

Click to enlarge image A group of students from the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa are travelling with the Coast Amateur Swimming Association (CASA) to participate in the Level One Swimming Championships in South Africa.

The championships are being held in Cape Town from Thursday, March 26 to Wednesday, April 1.

Front Row (left to right): Dzidze Muruu, Raveena Mehta, Jesal Chandi, Samuel Williams, Aika Patel and Pauline Adhiambo.

Back Row (left to right): Coach Mohamed, Shivraj Vaghela, Akshay Shah, Alex Chia, Laurance Williams, Joshua Williams, and Bhavik Mehta.

We wish the AKA,Mombasa swimmers well and hope they enjoy the whole experience!