Student Council

10 June 2009

By Student Council

Our Aga khan school, Garden has a laboratory where daily we do different experiment. Our school is best for providing education, sports activities and other co-curricular activities therefore it is also included in mission to polish the student in a discipline way. For maintaining discipline and sorting out other issues of student the council was setup. The council members were selected and elected by students and teachers and in doing so Miss uzma was in charge to complete selection and election work. Student council members include head girl and head boy, deputies, captain, vice captain, CR’s and LR’s and prefects.

This council is working very hard and sincerely towards the task they want to accomplish. They are having co-ordination between them and they all are working to improve the discipline of school. Student council resolves the issues and arranges the activities for students. As the council started its journey from 25th September, till now it has achieved many things for example now the punctuality is highly observed no student is allowed to enter school building after 7:30 a.m. Cleanliness is observed strictly. They also arrange many activities and students like them a lot. We hope that this journey will continue on the road of success (Ameen).