A Single Experience to Visit in an Aga Khan University Library

10 December 2008

By Humaira Sohail (Class 10c)

We were glad and feeling was an excited mood to go in an Aga Khan University Library. The day was not passing by leaps and bounds. On 5th November 2008 we were selected to visit this glorious place.

Aga khan university library had a silent environment. When we entered in library we were surprised because we don’t have this type of environment in our school library. There were two libraries one was periodic library and another was health science library. There were too many ways for studies for a swan song gray material which are not book or anything else and non book material was also available. Seven data base whole world in AKU.

More than 3500 computerized books available for one week issue for a student. Teachers and staff member are allowed to issue two books for two weeks.

It was also observed that the special designed furniture was displayed during the visit of students. It was told in the visit that they spend two carore per month for the library.

Afterwards we went to the purpose A.V.L. (Audio Video Library) there was having many seminars and programs. Every educational field or every educational institution wants this type of informative library. The trip was a cook and bull trip for us.

By Humaira Sohail (Class 10c)