Monitoring the implementation of the dual language programme in Year 1

16 September 2009

Feedback on the implementation of the dual language programme.


Year One parents came together on Tuesday 15th September to share how their children are settling in to the routines of the Dual Language Programme. It was an opportunity for parents and teachers to discuss what is going well and to brainstorm potential solutions to the challenges some of our families may be encountering.

The discussions were informative and many interesting ideas were shared to promote Kiswahili. The use of songs, appropriate television programmes, and encouraging the Kiswahili speakers in the household to use this language with the children were some of the ideas generated.

The feedback from parents was very positive and many shared that they were learning the language along with their children. The school is supporting this through offering a conversational Kiswahili club for our school community.

We will continue to monitor this programme closely as work together to ensure its successful implementation. Next month we will hold parent teacher conferences where parents will receive specific information about the progress their child is making in the PYP.

The next Year One Parent feedback meeting will be held on Tuesday 10th November.