Community Service at AKPS

19 November 2009

AKPS community raises Tsh 22,650,000 for community service

One of the essential elements of the PYP curriculum is students taking action as a result of their learning; as a PYP school we believe in teaching our students to take responsible actions which will benefit the community around them. To meet this objective we have collaborated with TANZANIA EDUCATION AUTHORITY (TEA) to raise funds for the benefit of physically and emotionally challenged students in Tanzania.

We are proud to announce that the AKPS community has managed to raise Tshs 22,650,000 for this noble cause. To take our students’ involvement and understanding further, and so that the children in need of specialist resources get what they can actually use, we have decided not to simply donate the money. We are going to survey the requirements of schools catering to such children and we will buy the required equipment for them.
It was indeed a huge collection that can significantly contribute to our purpose of reaching out to the less privileged.
AKPS wishes to congratulate all its students and parents for contributing generously and making this exercise meaningful.