AKPS Scouts camp focuses on climate change

19 November 2009

AKPS Tanzania Scouts celebrate Jamboree on the air/internet.

AKPS has a thriving scouts troop. Under the leadership of their Scout Master, Mr Fredrick Peter, who is a P.E. teacher at the school, AKPS students have many opportunities to join with scouts from other schools and countries to learn, explore and have fun together. 
From 16-18 October AKPS scouts celebrated Jamboree on the air/internet. This is known as JOTA/JOTI. This year the focus was on climate change. The scouts camped on the school grounds for 2 days and learnt about different life skills and talked about environmental conservation along with having fun by the camp fire!
Here are some of the scouts’ comments about the camp:
"The C3-Climate, Change, Challenge camp was a great learning experience." Anwesha Sahu, Grade 4
“I learnt to communicate with other scouts around the world!’  Maria Malaba, Grade 6
“I am more independent now!” Qays Premji, Grade 4