Grade 6 PYP Exhibitions: Urban Slums Action Plan

30 June 2010

This group’s action component involved planting and rearing Tomato Simlaw Seeds that were eventually donated to the youth that they worked with in Kibera slums. Furthermore they sold bookmarks at the exhibition for Kshs 100/= each and succeeded in raising Kshs 5,700/=. Over the mid-term holidays the group raised approximately Kshs 8,000/= and bought chickens for the Poultry Farm in the Kibera Slums.

In the future they plan to provide the dwellers of Kibera Slums with better infrastructure, better education, better security and we also wish to empower the women.

Moreover, they would like to introduce yoga, dance, art and organize a friendly soccer match with the school.

Group members: Maheen Nanji, Rabab Tayeb, Sofia Abdirizak, Amrin Virji and Lamis Sheikh