Iftar and Farewell to Outgoing CEO

24 August 2010

Iftar for AKES,T Schools

On 13 August 2010 the AKES,T Board held an Iftar for all of the AKES, T staff. The Iftar was very well attended and the staff had the opportunity to bid farewell to the outgoing CEO, Sheila Clitheroe Tieszen.

Karim Kanji, the Chairman of the Board, thanked Sheila for all her contributions to the development of AKES,T over her 4 year term and wished her well. The Chairman also took the opportunity to enlighten the staff of the up coming Long-term Strategy that the new Board will be developing for AKES,T. The plans for this strategy will over the next 20 years, raise the bar of AKES,T schools, their provision of sound education, the school facilities and help develop an environment that will allow the development of world-class schools for many years to come.