Unit of Inquiry Celebration

19 October 2011

The classes at the Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad recently celebrated the completion of their first Units of Inquiry for this school year.

All the classes at the Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad recently completed their first Units of Inquiry for this school year. To celebrate the end of the Units, special assemblies were held each day over a week for the children to share their experiences and knowledge.

Class 1 shared what they had learned in their study of Communities, presenting in both English and Hindi. They had begun their inquiry with the people who are part of the school community and then broadened out to look at the wider community.

Class 2’s Unit of Inquiry examined Children Around the World. Each student chose a different country and researched how children in that country live. They then looked at how the lives of the children they had studied differ from their own.

The history and growth of the city of Hyderabad was the focus of Class 3’s Unit of Inquiry. The students interviewed local people and visited a nearby weaving workshop where traditional methods are used to produce special types of cloth.

For their Unit of Inquiry on Heroes, students in Class 4 studied the lives of famous people both in history and today, and tried to determine which characteristics make a leader. They came dressed for their presentation as people they admire.

Class 5 presented their study of Structures. They had investigated the construction of the Academy and looked at other building styles, and then designed their own structures using what they had learned about materials and basic architecture. The other students also visited Class 5’s classroom for a Gallery Walk to see their constructions.