Falcons Win Inter-House Swimming Gala

16 May 2012

Falcon House emerged as the overall winner in the Junior School's annual swimming gala.

On Friday, 27 April 2012, the Junior School of the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa held its annual inter-house swimming gala. The Falcons emerged as the overall winners in a very competitive gala.

The total points for the four houses were as follows:

Falcons: 1395 points
Eagles: 1362 points
Kestrels: 1294 points
Hawks: 1286 points.

The day started out wet, but the rain finally gave way and allowed the sun to shine on the swimmers. The captains of the four houses together with the House Teachers worked hard to coordinate their teams and create an atmosphere of fun and healthy competition.

The house captains during the gala were:

Eagle House: Urvi Dayal and Aly Khan Jiwa
Hawk House: Njau Njuguna and Keziah Seifert
Falcon House: Sameer Shah and Rose Murphy
Kestrel House: Mansur Khan and Mariam Alwy.

The gala was a competitive and fun-filled event that was well attended by parents. We had great and entertaining performers from our top-ranked established swimmers and also from the up-and-coming ones. It was superb seeing the young ones also fighting hard to win points for their respective houses.