MUN: Engaging in Constructive Dialogue

09 October 2012

Highlights from the 6th Annual Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa Model United Nations Conference

The Commons was abuzz over October 5-6 when more than 80 students from Year 7 to DP2 gathered to participate in the 6th Annual Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa Model United Nations Conference. The two days were filled with contentious and energetic debate on issues such as censorship, violence in Syria, Palestinian statehood, nuclear weapons in Iran and North Korea, violence in South Sudan, the dispute between China and Japan over the DiaoyuSenkaku islands and some human rights issues in Uganda and Zimbabwe. Debate often went over time, with delegates requesting more time to discuss each issue.

At the heart of MUN is encouraging students to engage in critical and constructive dialogue on issues of global significance. These topics are often complex and multi-faceted and navigating through them is no simple task for an adult, let alone a 13 or 16 year old. Our students engaged with the issues in a deep and meaningful way, without being shy to treat topics with the complexity they deserve.

Congratulations to the Best Speaker award winners: Bevertone Ochieng (MYP) and Omar Mohamed (DP) and to all those who participated in this event.