Eligibility Criteria for Admission to Grade VIII

In order to qualify for admission to Grade VIII, the candidate should have:

  1. Passed grade VI or VII annual examination or be appearing in Grade VII or VIII Annual Examination during the year applying for admission
  2. Not have been registered with any assessment Board for a level equal to or above SSC-I that is Secondary School Certificate Part One at the time of applying for admission
  3. Be at least 12 years or maximum 15 years of age on 30th April of the first academic session for Grade VIII students

All candidates for admission have to sit for the admission test and an interview. The objectives of the entrance test include, but are not limited to:

  1. Finding out the candidate’s level of understanding of basic concepts
  2. Determining the candidate's potential for further education
  3. Examining the candidate’s analytical and mathematical abilities
  4. Exploring the candidate’s linguistic competencies in English and Urdu
  5. Finding out the candidate’s ability to organise and present information about him/herself and his immediate surroundings
  6. Ascertaining a candidate’s level of knowledge about his/her environment

The written test to interview ratio is 80:20. The duration of the written test is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Documents required for Grade VIII admission

  1. Grade VI or VII Pass Certificate or Pass Assurance Certificate, whichever is applicable
  2. Attested Form B and/or attested Birth Certificate
  3. School leaving certificate counter signed by deputy director (to be submitted after the confirmation of admission)