Aga Khan Schools focus on the holistic development of their students. Apart from academics, students are also provided various platforms to nurture their talents and polish their leadership qualities. Students participate in inter and intra-school sports, art, creative writing, and music competitions. Taking up roles of prefects and programme in-charge, students learn to shoulder responsibilities, and acquire the skills required to be leaders.

Club activities run on each Friday from 11:00 am- 12:00 noon. Experts from different fields come and train students, for example in Taekwondo, Ikebana and music.

A few of our clubs are hockey, football, badminton, scrabble, music, knitting, sewing and embroidery, cooking, dramatics, painting, science, and many more.

The outcomes of the last year’s club activities were amazing. The students become spelling masters, young orators, chefs, elocutionists and debaters. At the end of this year we expect more champions of Sultan Mohamed Shah Aga Khan School through club activities.