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A great school,
"will educate its students not merely to be personally successful but also to use their gifts to build their communities and enhance the common good to levels beyond our dreams."

His Highness
The Aga Khan


The Aga Khan Lycée, Khorog, was established in September 1998. His Excellency Emomali Rakhman, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, inaugurated the school in the presence of His Highness the Aga Khan.

The Aga Khan Lycée, KhorogThe Aga Khan Schools strive to create a harmonious balance between academic demands, sporting and cultural activities and community life.The Lycée is built on the premises of the former School #3 (named after Kirov), a school with a distinguished history in Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO). The majority of students are from Badakhshan Province of Tajikistan. However, there are students from other countries, namely Afghanistan, Korea, Canada, United States, India and Pakistan.

The Aga Khan Schools strive to create a harmonious balance between academic demands, sporting and cultural activities and community life. It challenges its pupils to be intellectually inquisitive and socially conscious. The Lycée believes that while what students know is important, the true measure of a student’s education is the ability to analyse what they do not know.

The Aga Khan Lycée's goal is to provide quality education to the people of GBAO by offering an alternative to the predominantly state-run schools. The school's objectives are:

  • to prepare graduates for access to universities in Tajikistan, the Commonwealth of Independent States and elsewhere in the world;
  • to prepare students for the challenges of a global communication age and market economy;
  • To be a Centre of Excellence for the region, sharing best practices in curriculum, teacher training and management.

School Population
In the 2008-09 academic year, 908 Grade 1 - 11 students were enrolled in the co-educational school.

Parent-Teacher Activities
The parent-teacher meetings, held six times annually, are attended regularly by up to 80% of the parents. Parents have shown a keen interest in all Lycée matters especially student events, activities, the improvement of course standards and the services and resources available to students. Teachers are always present to discuss any issues. Parents are invited to visit classes and to comment and offer their observations. Parents keep a journal of observations, which is placed in the Staff room for access.

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