The School has 24 spacious classrooms, including a dedicated music room, and a geography/business studies room equipped with a state-of-the-art interactive whiteboard.

Students at AKMSS have access to six large and well-equipped laboratories - 2 each for physics, chemistry and biology. All students have at least one double period a week in the laboratories doing practical, experimental work.

The School also has a well-stocked library with up-to-date reference books and a large and popular collection of fiction. Every year, new books are purchased to keep the reference materials current and to add to the choice of fiction books. The library also subscribes to a range of periodicals and to a number of daily newspapers. Computers connected to the Internet are available in the library for any student to use at break times as well as after school. IB and ‘A’ level students have access to these facilities during their free study periods.

There are two modern computer rooms. In addition to being used for teaching ICT, subject teachers can book the computer rooms for their classes to work on projects.

An audio-visual room is also available for students to develop presentations using a digital projector or for classes to watch videos relevant to their studies.

There are outside volleyball and basketball courts and the School hall is also equipped for badminton, table tennis and gymnastics.