Daily staff-child ratios meet, and often exceed, the Ministry of Education (MoE) requirement of 1 staff for every 8 children.

A Preschool Supervisor, along with English and Arabic lead teachers and a Teacher Assistant provide an engaging curriculum, based on the High Scope model (plan-do-review and key experiences approach).

The curriculum is also infused with supplementary literacy and numeracy activities from a range of sources, including the highly effective Jolly Phonics programme and elements of the Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) from the UK.

Teachers understand that children’s interests and abilities vary widely at the preschool level and thus individual, small and large group activities are planned that support children’s needs and promote development of cognitive, language, social/emotional and physical skills. In the preschool classroom, opportunities for children’s creative exploration are balanced with teachers’ guidance during intentional teaching and learning activities.