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A great school,
"will educate its students not merely to be personally successful but also to use their gifts to build their communities and enhance the common good to levels beyond our dreams."

His Highness
The Aga Khan

Event and Holiday Calendar for classes I to IV (2012-2013)

Activity Date
School Re-opens June 12
Baseline Data Test (BLDT) June 13
Baseline Data Test (BLDT) June 14
Training for Table Manners  (Lunch )
Classes I to IV
June 15
Recitation Selection (Classes I to IV) (CCA) June 16
Activity on Calligraphy (Classes I to IV) June 18
Recitation Finals (Classes I to IV) (CCA) June 23
Brushing activity for the Classes  I, II June 29
Selection Story Telling (CCA) June 30
Germination of seeds Activity for Class I & II July 2
Parent Orientation Programme for Class I & II July 4
Parent Orientation Programme for Class III & IV July 5
Story Telling Selections- Classes I to IV (CCA) July 7
Hygiene Food (Breakfast Activity)
for the Classes  III  & IV
July 9
Sprouts activity -Classes I & II July 10
 Imamat Day (Holiday) July 11
Visit to the Zoo for  Class III July 17
Brushing Activity for Class IV July 18
Show & Tell  Competition (Classes I to IV) July 21
I Unit Test Begins July 24
I Unit Test Ends July 26
Varalakshmi Vratam  ( Holiday) July 27
Vegetable Salad Activity for  Classes I & II July 28
Campus Raksha Bhandan Celebration August 1
Raksha Bhandhan (Holiday) August 2
Friendship Day Celebration-Music Show August 4
Vegetable Salad Activity for  Classes I & II August 7
Sprouts activity -Classes III & IV August 8
Sri Krishna Ashtami  (Holiday) August 10
Fancy Dress Show (Independence Day) August 15
Germination of Seeds Activity for Class III & IV August 16
Solo Singing Competition Selection-CCA August 18
RAMZAN ( ID-UL-FITR) Holiday August 20
Visit to Agriculture Farm - Class IV August 23
Visit to Construction Site by Classes I & II August 24
Subject wise Presentation (English Dept.) August 25
II Unit Test Begins August 28
II Unit Test Ends August 30
Spell Bee Competition  for Class I to IV September 1
  September 4
Teachers' Day (Dr. S. Radhakrishna B'day) September 5
Grammar Day (Project Display) September 10
Fruit Salad Activity for Classes I & II September 13
Drawing Selections for Classes I to IV September 15
Clay Modelling for the Classes I to IV September 18
VINAYAKA CHAVITHI (Holiday) September 19
Drawing Competition for Classes I to IV September 22
Visit to the places of Worship - Class I September 27
Hand Writing Finals for Classes I to IV September 29
Gandhi Jayanthi (Holiday) October 2
Quarterly Examinations (Tentative) October 5
( I Term vacation ) October 15
Durghashtami (Holiday) October 22
Vijayadasami (Holiday) October 24
( I Term vacation ends) October 25
Musical Show for Classes I to IV October 26
BAKRID (ID-UL-ZUHA) October 27
Field Trip to Warangal Fort Class III October 30
Grand Parents Day Celebration October 31
Wealth from Waste Competition for Classes I - IV (CCA) Open Day (PTM) November 3
Math Week –Maths Department November 5
Diya Painting  Activity for Classes I to IV November 12
DEEPAVALI ( Holiday) November 13
Children's Day (CCA) ( Fancy Dress Competition  (Classes I to IV) November 14
Visit to Pot Making by Classes I to IV November 16
World Peace Day November 17
Visit to Thousand Pillars Temple by Class III November 21
III Unit Test Begins November 28
III Unit Test Ends November 30
Puppet Show Week for the Classes I to IV December 1
 His Highness Aga Khan  Birthday (Holiday) December 13
Half-Yearly Examinations (Tentative) December 17
Ramanujan’s Birthday-Math’s Dept./ Christmas Celebrations December 22
Christmas Eve December 24
Christmas (Holiday) December 25
Visit to the Post Office by the Classes I & II December 28
New Year Celebrations December 31
New Year ( Holiday) January 1
Open Day January 5
Kite Making activity for Classes I to IV January 7
Clean off your Desk Day January 8
II Term Vacation Starts January 9
Second Saturday January 12
Sankranthi January 14
II term Vacation ends January 16
Visit to the Vana Vignan by the Class I January 22
Healthy Weight Day January 25
Republic Day Celebrations January 26
Visit to Reliance Fresh for Shopping by Class II February 5
Visit to Reliance by Class III & IV February 6
Greet your Neighbours (Neighbours Day) February 7
Love Your Pet Day February 20
Open Market Show for Classes  I & II February 21
Open Market Show for Classes  I & II February 22
IV Unit Test Begins February 25
IV Unit Test Ends February 27
National Science  Day February 28
International Women’s Day March 8
Stop Smoking Day March 12
World Forest Day –Social Studies  Dept. March 20
Navroz Day March 21
Doctor's Day March 30
Babu Jagjivanram Jayanthi (Holiday) April 5
Annual  Examinations (Tentative) April 9
World Haemophilia Day April 17
Open day (PTM) April 20
World Earth Day April 22


(i) Dates for the Field trips, Activities are tentative and can be arranged as per the convenience.

(ii) List of Public Holidays declared by A.P. Govt. / Dist. Education Dept. will be followed


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