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"Using library resources and technology to promote independent learning, critical thinking, creativity and social consciousness among students and faculty members with the aim of helping create engaged, and caring, citizens of the global community."

Learning Technology Unit


Teacher Recruitment
With the support of the Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan, the School is strongly committed to promoting and enhancing quality education. Better-trained and skilled teachers provide a more varied, interesting and enriched learning experience for the young people.

Teachers are carefully recruited through a rigorous selection process. Candidates present a demonstration lesson during which their teaching skills are assessed. This lesson is followed by an interview with the Interview Committee. Selection criteria includes: competence and experience in the subject area, understanding of modern teaching methods, commitment to student-centered learning, motivation towards the teaching learning process and openness to change.

Ongoing Professional Development
Faculty undergo a regular and rigorous professional development programme that helps teachers keep abreast of the latest pedagogical research and aids in the incorporation of unique and diverse teaching techniques for their classrooms.

Teachers also pursue bachelor and masters level education programmes, certificate and diploma courses, and pedagogical skills workshops at the Professional Development Centre (North) and Aga Khan University-Institute of Educational Development.

Workshops on particular subjects are also part of professional development. For example, staff have attended workshops focused on integrating IT as a learning tool across subject areas.

Staff Appraisal
Besides regular attendance and involvement in various training programmes, the School follows an intensive appraisal system to monitor the progress of its faculty and staff. Staff appraisal takes place periodically throughout the year. A formal appraisal, which takes place at the end of the year, analyses the following factors in order to assess the performance of the staff:

  • Achievements after the appointment
  • Professional Development and Growth
  • Quality of teaching
  • Quality of pupils’ learning
  • Quality of relationship with peers
  • Professional Responsibility.

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