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"Using library resources and technology to promote independent learning, critical thinking, creativity and social consciousness among students and faculty members with the aim of helping create engaged, and caring, citizens of the global community."

Learning Technology Unit

Co-Curriculum Activities

The School recognizes the importance of a well-rounded education; therefore, the emphasis on holistic education extends beyond the classroom.

The School encourages sportsmanship and team spirit. During Sports Week, Inter-Class tournaments for Cricket, Table Tennis, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Throw Ball and Badminton are held.

Students hold a number of sporting honours with our Cricket, Table Tennis, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Throw Ball and Badminton teams regularly participating at Inter-Higher Secondary School and Inter-Collegiate Tournaments.

In 2001 - 2002, the Karachi Board of Intermediate Education, Karachi (BIE, K) awarded the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School the Best College in Co-curricular Activities Trophy. This year, the school has performed well in the BIE, K competitions.

This year, AKHSS won the Athletics Championship for Boys and the BIE, K Boys Volleyball Competition. Talha Ali Khan won third prize in the 50 and 100 metre backstroke Swimming Championships. In Athletics, Syed Qaseem Ali and Mohammad Uzair won first and second prizes respectively in Discus Throw. Faisal Ahmed came in first in Hop, Step and Jump.

Rizwan Razzak and Ghulam Mohammad won the first and second prizes respectively in Javelin Throw. Faraz Malik was second in Broad Jump and the 100 metre Race.

Teamsters Faraz Malik, Ahmed Shehzad, Mirza Ibrahim and Ghulam Mohammad won the 4 x 100 metre relay while Faraz Malik, Riwan Razzak, Faisal Ahmed and Ghulam Mohammad won the 4x 400 metre relay. Both Hamid Ahmed and Mirza Ibrahim won the 100 metre Hurdle Race and High Jump prizes respectively.

Science Society
The Science Society organises an Annual Inter-Class Science Exhibition showcasing group and individual student projects. The society also encourages and organises classroom presentations, seminars and quiz competitions.

The School's Science students recently won the Science Exhibition 2002 Trophy. Ali Hasnain Shamalak came first in the Chemistry (Purification of H2O) category. Danniyal Shahid and Yasir Ahmed won second prize for their Biology (Audible Heart Sound Monitor) project. In Physics, Sadiq Saleem and Rahim Ali's Home & Security System received consolation prizes.

Debate Club
The Debate Club encourages students to develop their debating and public speaking skills. The Club remains active through the year with the Urdu and English debating teams participating in Inter-Class and Inter-Collegiate competitions.

In the Board of Intermediate Education, Karachi Competitions, the School won the Urdu Debate Competition 2003 Team Trophy with Fawad Ali Khan and Mohammad Raza Khemji coming in First and Third respectively.

In the COMMECS Institute English Debate Competition 2003, Hasnain Jiwani and Muslim Yousuf came in second and fourth. The school also won the Team Trophy.

In the Urdu Debate Competition 2003 for girls, Faiza Izhar won first prize. Karim Kabir and Muslim Yousuf received the English Debate Competition 2003 first and second prizes and the School won the team trophy.

Fawad Ali Khan won the Government Degree College, Malir Seerat-un-Nabi Speech Competition for Boys Second Prize Malir while Faiza Izhar won the first position in Sirat Speech Competition for girls.

In the PECHS Inter-Collegiate English Debate Competition 2003, the School scored the Team Trophy with Sonia Zia and Shyrose Razwani receiving the first and fourth prizes respectively.

Qirat and Quiz
In the Government Degree College, Malir Inter-Collegiate Qirat (Holy Quran recitation) Competition 2003, Mohammad Hassan Ansari came in second. In the Board of Education, Karachi, Islamic Quiz Competition 2003 the Muslim Yousuf and Ibad-ur-Rehman combination won consolation prize while Durraiz Khan and Mohammad Adil were third in the Inter Collegiate General Quiz Competition 2003.

Arts and Craft
AKHSS students experiment with different mediums of expression and are competent in the creative and performing arts. In 2003, the School Stall was third in the Karachi Art and Craft Exhibition organised by BIE, K. At the individual level, Hira Tabassum came second in Painting and Farheen Raza won a consolation prize in Calligraphy.

ISEO (International School Educational Olympiad)
The nationwide ISEO competition is organised by the Karachi High School with the British Council and Intel.

Bait Baazi and Vocals
Umairuddin Baig won the Board of Education, Karachi, Inter-Collegiate Songs Competition 2003 first prize. In their Bait Baazi Competitions, Asif Zafar and Talha Mehmood and Rabia Zaki and Samin Inam won second prize for the Boys and Girls Competitions respectively.

Performing Arts Society
The Performing Arts Society encourages expression through drama and vocals. Students perform during School functions and occasions of international and national importance such as World literacy Day and Independence Day of Pakistan and participate in inter-school and inter-collegiate competitions.

In Dramatics, Fahd Qazi, Hasan Ali Khan and Ahmed Ali Khan won third prize while Osama Alam won third prize in the event of Vocal Seniors The team of Arsalan Tariq and Fawad Ali Khan received second prize in the Cyber Mag competition.

Commerce Society
The Commerce Society organises events to enhance student understanding of commerce and economics issues. Students invite presenters from commercial and financial organizations to speak and discuss commerce and economics-related topics. Other activities include subject-related field trips to explore different professions and careers.

Social Welfare Society
An extension of PrISM, the Social Welfare Society, a volunteer service initiative, is actively involved with working and helping the larger community. The society organises visits to social welfare institutions such as the SOS Village, Edhi Homes, Dar-ul-Sukoon for students to glimpse life and its hard-hitting realities.

Bi-annually, AKHSS students produce Pinnacle, a publication with fiction, poetry and non-fiction. Students have hands-on exposure to graphic design and typography in a visual form.

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