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14 December 2016
Sports Day
All students were involved in various sports activities including relay races - 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m and 100m and 60m for junior students.
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10 November 2016
AKMSSMUN (Model United Nations)
Once a year, AKMSSMUN (Model United Nations) delegates are given the opportunity to attend an international conference.
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05 October 2016
Teacher’s day
Teacher’s day is celebrated to honor the hard work of our teachers and acknowledge their accomplishments.
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30 September 2016
Aga Khan School Tanzania Swimmer hailed victorious at Rio Olympics
Hilal Hemed Hilal had an impressive performance at the Aquatics Stadium during the 2016 Rio Olympics.
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23 April 2016
On 23rd of April, Aga Khan Mzizima sent 23 students along with the MUN Director Ms. Hetal Chandaria to participate in the 6th annual DARMUN conference hosted by IST.
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