Admissions to Form 1 in KCSE are open to students that have attained 300 marks and above in KCPE. Interviews may also be conducted to assess the student’s ability and fit to the school’s values.

Prospective students are requested to contact the school for an application form.

Admissions to Grade 9 of IGCSE are open to:

  • KCPE graduates from the previous December only with a mean score of 300 marks and above
  • Transfers from other schools with an IGCSE program require a mean grade of C or higher
  • Transfers from a KCSE school from Form 1 into Grade 9, Form 2 into Grade 10 who show a B- grade or higher and who pass the entrance examination into the IGCSE at the Aga Khan High School, along with an entrance interview.

Students transferring from other schools are required to have a minimum C average from their current school, with no D or E grades, and a clean certificate of conduct from their current school.