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The Aga Khan School, Dhaka

Young Entrepreneurs showcase Business Skills

04 December 2017

The AKS Business Week is one of the most successful co-curricular events hosted by The Aga Khan School, Dhaka.

Every year, during this intra-school event, over 250 students from grades nine to twelve enthusiastically demonstrate their organizational and entrepreneurial skills. This year is the 15th consecutive year of Business Week. 

Young entrepreneur students prepared months in advance for this event which simulates a real-world trading environment for new businesses. As a first step, students were required to submit their business proposal to a mock government body. If a business proposal is approved, the government body then issues a trading license, giving the student access to operate and trade with other businesses. A range of proposals were submitted, including those for banks, insurance companies, real estate firms, advertising agencies, audit firms, consultancy firms, and more. To facilitate the public limited companies, the government body also introduced a stock market simulation. Among the businesses, numerous trading firms were selling a variety of food, clothing and entertainment products during the week.

This event allowed students to showcase their ideas as young entrepreneurs. The school was transformed into spaces for buyers, sellers and members of the governing body to operate a real-life market simulation. The event was a great learning opportunity for the AKSD students!