Russian Teacher Wins National Teaching Competition

06 February 2018

Mastibekova Nigina, a Russian Language and Literature teacher at the Aga Khan Lycée (AKL), Khorog, was selected for the National Russian Language Teaching competition held in Moscow, Russia.

In May 2017, more than 200 teachers from across Tajikistan participated in the competition, including two teachers from AKL. Each teacher submitted a video of a lesson they taught, along with an essay on their teaching experience. The submissions were then assessed by a competent jury in Moscow, among whom included lead teachers from the Russian State Institute of Russian Language. A total of 65 teachers were invited to Dushanbe, Tajikistan to participate in round-table discussions on teaching. From this forum, Nigina and nine other teachers were selected and awarded a teaching diploma to be presented in Moscow.

In Moscow, the 10 awardees took part in a conference where they discussed and shared ideas on instruction, practice and good pedagogy. Nigina shared her experiences and said: “The trip to Moscow acquainted me with not only the city but also the history and culture of Russia. The conference has become one more impetus in improving the quality of teaching the Russian language. I received a lot of new and positive teaching techniques.”

Nigina teaches Russian and Literature for grades 7-11. After her return from Moscow, she shared her learnings with fellow teachers as well as with her students. As a result, her students are now participating in the International Online Russian Literature competition, which further promotes the value and relevance of the Russian language. 

The National Russian Language Teaching competition was organized by the Tajik National University (TNU) in cooperation with the Russian Humanitarian Mission - the Tajikistan-Russia, and with the support of the All-Russian Public Foundation’s National Charitable Foundation. 

Aga Khan Education Service, Tajikistan (AKES, Tj) actively participates in the direct provision of quality education of children aged 3 to 18 years. The curriculum is offered in three languages of instruction which include English, Russian and Tajik to promote multilingual fluency. AKES, Tj facilitates the professional development of teachers through in-service training, working collaboratively with government education institutions to support quality access in remote and rural areas, and providing merit scholarships to students from diverse and marginalized backgrounds. 

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