Alumni Spotlights

01 October 2019

“My dream was to study nanotechnology,” said Aydana Tazhmamatova. “I want to become a leading engineer and to bring knowledge from around the world to improve our economy and our research in the Kyrgyz Republic.”

Aydana graduated from AKS in 2017 and is currently studying at her second year at the Kyrgyz Turkish Manas University in Bishkek in the Faculty of Chemical Engineering. Upon graduating from AKS, Aydana spent one-year learning Turkish. While at AKS, Aydana studied in Russian and Kyrgyz. She was a member of numerous clubs including the book club and the debate club, and also participated in various competitions. Her favorite classes were mathematics, literature, and chemistry. In reflecting upon her experiences at AKS, Aydana shared fond memories of her time with her math teacher. 

“My math teacher really supported me,” explained Aydana. “She guided and mentored me a lot and recommended many books to me.” In addition, Aydana recalled how AKS provided a space for her to grow both personally and academically, transforming her into a more social person with a strong passion for the sciences. 

“If I could tell current AKS students one thing, it would be to read more books,” concluded Aydana. 

We look forward to following Aydana’s journey and are incredibly proud of her vision.