Platinum Jubilee High School, Warangal (PJHSW) students excel at state level math’s fest

20 December 2019

It was a moment of pride for the students and teachers of Platinum Jubilee High School, Warangal (PJHSW) in India as Miss Vedhakshari, a grade 6 student and Miss Vyshnavi from grade 9 stood second at the state level maths fest (Ramanujan Math Mahostav) conducted by the e-abhyas academy in Hyderabad.

Competing with over 900 students from across Telangana, Ms Vedakshari scored 90 of 100 marks, while Ms Vyshnavihas scored 88 marks out of 100 from amongst 700 students, in their respective categories. 

“Winning this award was possible due to the constant feedback and practice that we receive at school. This practice helped us solve maths worksheets faster while being active problem-solving members of the group during the competition.” said Miss. Vedhakshari joyfully. Miss. K. Vyshnavi, on the other hand, attributes her success to the innovative classes like Abacus and Vedic Maths conducted at Platinum Jubilee High School, Warangal.

To ensure students take an active interest in mathematics, PJHSW has introduced various student enrichment programmes like Vedic Maths, Abacus, Robotics and the Foundation course for Engineering and Medicine. These enrichment activities, along with constant efforts by the teachers to make numeracy concepts simple and easy to understand, means learning STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) subjects is fun and interesting.  

While congratulating the duo on their achievements, Principal, Mr Jagdish Peche said “This state-level rank in the first attempt is indeed an achievement for the students as well as the teachers. Competitions like these help children take an interest in subjects that are otherwise considered difficult and dull. The importance of maths goes far beyond the classroom, it is something that we use in our day to day lives even without realising.” 

Photo caption:
Principal & Vice-Principal congratulating the mathematics fest champions. (L to R)- Vice-Principal- Ms Srilatha Laajvanthi, Miss K. Vyshnavi, Miss Vedhakshari and Principal- Mr Jagdish Peche