Aga Khan School, Osh students engage in learning through gaming

14 December 2022

Grade 5 students at the Aga Khan School (AKS), Osh recently took part in a gaming exercise for their English class on 24 November.

Aga Khan School, Osh students engage in learning through gaming
This is a method of learning modelled after a school in the United States called Quest to Learn, which designs its curriculum around gaming to encourage simulation, role-playing and collaboration. Recent educational research has observed that games can be seen as rich educational materials. Through this game-based learning approach, students can try again and again, despite failure, which motivates them to find answers to the “quests” or lessons they are learning. It also encourages students to work together as a team.  

At AKS, Osh, the Grade 5 students’ game involved the students learning about poems, proverbs and how to analyse books, such as who the protagonists or antagonists are and more.  

“I liked participating in this game as it was very interactive,” said Grade 5 student Amanbaev Erlan. “I am happy that I got to work with a team member and we both were looking for problem-solving strategies.”  

This is just one of many new STEM-related initiatives AKS, Osh is implementing with its students and staff to promote new and innovative ways of learning.

Photos (top to bottom):
  • Grade 5 students at AKS, Osh after participating in their gaming exercise
  • Students engaging in a game for their English class