Day of People’s Friendship celebrated at the Aga Khan School, Osh

12 May 2023

The value of pluralism, which recognises and appreciates the diversity of a community to promote a peaceful coexistence of all, is an essential value of the Aga Khan School (AKS), Osh. The school community brings together various traditions, customs and cultures, and consists of more than five nationalities. To honour and appreciate its diverse school community, AKS, Osh organised a Day of People’s Friendship on 13 April.

Day of People’s Friendship celebrated at the Aga Khan School, Osh Day of People’s Friendship celebrated at the Aga Khan School, Osh
“Friendship has always been a symbol of peace and respect,” said Kyrgyz Language Teacher Karakozueva Nurgul. “These values are taught from a very early age by parents at home and the teachers at AKS, Osh. We encourage these practices with our students in all aspects of our teaching.”

To commemorate this date, students from Grades 5-11 prepared presentations on over 20 different countries, in which they researched the country, its geography, population, languages, cultures, traditions and government. The students shared their presentations with parents, teachers and individuals from the local media by arranging a booth to showcase their findings. Additionally, some students performed traditional dances to pay homage to the country they researched, which was accompanied by traditional music.  

The Day of People’s Friendship is an event enjoyed by all members of the school community as it enriches the students’ knowledge on the world, while also upholding the value and importance of pluralism. 

“We are proud to celebrate this day with the students, staff, parents and other members of the community,” said School Director Natalya Anatoliyevna Deryabkina. “We purposefully host this event every year during the spring when the season changes and various new plants and flowers are in bloom to celebrate the beauty of difference.”

Photos (top to bottom):
  • Grade 5-11 students at AKS, Osh on the Day of People's Friendship
  • Students performing a traditional dance
  • Student performing during the Day of People's Friendship