Aga Khan Nursery School, Mombasa organises book exhibition

30 March 2023

In March, the Aga Khan Nursery School (AKNS), Mombasa put together a mini display of its student's illustrated and/or written books as part of their school projects to celebrate the end of Book Month.

Aga Khan Nursery School, Mombasa organises book exhibition
Every year in February, AKNS, Mombasa commemorates Book Month, in which the students are encouraged to read and enhance their literacy skills with the support of their teachers, parents and family members. This year, the eventful month began with the students using their imagination and creativity to develop their own books, which would later be displayed and judged by teachers, parents and officials from Mombasa county’s early childhood development department. Representatives from Longhorn Publishers were also invited to judge the books, with the best book being selected for publishing.  

The exhibition culminated with awards given to the students with the best books created and those who borrowed the most books to read from the school’s library. The books selected to be published by Longhorn Publishers include, “The Magic Hand” by Haaziq Ganjani; “Good Touch, Bad Touch” by Advik Solanki; “There is No Place Like Space” by Aarav Rampura; “Norah’s Music Book” by Norah Chirag Patel; and “Let’s Go on a Kenyan Adventure” by Shaunik Shah.  

"It was fun to write my book on a Kenya adventure and my favourite part was talking about the animals and how they depend on each other," Shaunik said.  

Although the students and parents enjoyed the exhibition altogether, they were eager to see which book would be selected to get published by Longhorn Publishers.  

“My parents helped me with the topic for my book,” said Naazish Ganjani, a student from the playgroup class at the school. “We worked together to share ideas, which made it easier to create the book.” 

Photo captions (top to bottom):
  • Parents looking at the students' books
  • Parents selecting the best books