Fostering global leadership and cultural exchange

18 July 2023

On 15 July, the Diamond Jubilee High School (DJHS), Mumbai welcomed 56 students and 10 facilitators from 17 different countries such as the USA, Tajikistan, Africa and more as part of the annual Global Encounters (GE) Camps.

Fostering global leadership and cultural exchange Fostering global leadership and cultural exchange
GE Camps are a unique programme for 15-18 years old students that focus on leadership, service and cultural exchange, creating a nurturing environment where young individuals could learn from one another and foster connections across borders. At DJHS, Mumbai, the day commenced with pairing GE and DJHS, Mumbai students as buddies to facilitate meaningful connections and cross-cultural exchanges. The sharing sessions encouraged open dialogue, fostering empathy, understanding and development of lifelong friendships.  

“Thank you for being my travel guide,” said Maya Haji, a GE student from Canada, to a DJHS, Mumbai student. “I enjoyed learning about your school and the exciting virtual reality and chemistry lab experiences. Look forward to your visit to Canada soon.” 

Later on that day, a spectacular dance performance took place with students at the school presenting traditional dances. Additionally, the students played several games together, went on a school tour and finally exchanged gifts and messages of appreciation. 

"This unique programme was filled with excitement, knowledge and cultural exchange with my partner from Kenya,” said Ayesha Gaziani, a Grade 9 student from DJHS, Mumbai. “The heartfelt desire to stay connected made it truly special, exceeding my expectations. I cherish the memories with my new friend and look forward to future similar programmes with enthusiasm.” 

Photos (top to bottom): 
  • DJHS, Mumbai and GE students watching a demonstration
  • A GE student being welcomed into DJHS, Mumbai
  • DJHS, Mumbai students performing a traditional dance