Aga Khan School, Chitravad: Guardians of lions

17 August 2023

10 August 2023 saw a remarkable demonstration of commitment to conservation and ecological balance as the students at the Aga Khan School (AKS), Chitravad organised an awareness rally on the occasion of World Lion Day. The event aimed to highlight the crucial role lions play in upholding the balance of the environment and to emphasise the importance of their conservation.

Aga Khan School, Chitravad: Guardians of lions
The theme of the rally "Save Lions, Save Forests," highlighted the connection between these majestic creatures and the delicate ecosystems they inhabit. With banners held high and unwavering determination, students embarked on a march through nearby villages, engaging with local communities and spreading the message about the importance of lions in our biosphere. Signs reading “Lion Ko Bachana Hai, Jungle Ko Sajana Hai” (translation: “Save the Lion, to Beautify the Jungle”) and “World Lion Day:  Unite for their Right to Roam” encouraged spectators to pay attention to the cause the students were marching for.    

As a part of the event, the students made a commitment to safeguard these creatures through ongoing efforts, including rallying, conducting workshops and integrating wildlife protection lessons into the school’s curriculum. The rally had a palpable impact, sparking discussions among local communities about the collective need to contribute to the conservation of lions and their habitats. 

AKS, Chitravad is located near the renowned Gir National Park, home to an astounding population of 700 lions. So, the students led this initiative to raise awareness not only about the importance of lions to the ecosystem but also their role in the livelihoods of the local residents. Many individuals in the surrounding areas depend on the lions and the Gir National Park for their income and sustenance, making the conservation efforts even more critical. 

“The rally made me realise that even as students, our voices matter,” said Grade 10 student Ayushi Vegdani. “We can make a difference by spreading awareness about the challenges lions face and advocating for their preservation."  

World Lion Day served as a timely reminder that the delicate balance of our planet relies on the well-being of all its inhabitants, both large and small. As the sun set on the day's rally, it left behind a trail of inspiration and a reinforced commitment to safeguard our planet's invaluable resources. The students at the Aga Khan School, Chitravad have shown that even the smallest actions can have a ripple effect, creating waves of positive change for the world we share. 

Photos (top to bottom): 
  • Students with lion masks. 
  • A student drawing a lion.