"School by Night" at the Diamond Jubilee High School for Girls, Mumbai

21 September 2023

In a unique and innovative event, the Diamond Jubilee High School for Girls (DJHSG), Mumbai organised an enchanting and educational event, “School by Night”, for the students of Junior Kindergarten on 18 September. The purpose of this event was to impart to young children the significance of following a bedtime schedule in a manner that is both enjoyable and captivating.

"School by Night" at the Diamond Jubilee High School for Girls, Mumbai "School by Night" at the Diamond Jubilee High School for Girls, Mumbai
Parents arrived with their children dressed in cozy nightwear, holding cherished soft toys and blankets. Stepping into the classroom, they found a dreamy nighttime wonderland complete with starry skies, a glowing moon and adorable bat and owl cut-outs creating a cozy and mesmerising atmosphere. They listened to some interesting bedtime stories, had fun with shadow play to boost their creativity, sang songs and snacked before brushing their teeth to emphasise the importance of bedtime hygiene. 

The teachers also discussed the harmful effects of using mobile phones and watching television before sleeping. The little ones were then gently encouraged to lie down and sleep, feeling safe and secure, just as they do at home. The room was intentionally kept dimly lit to mimic the feeling of nighttime. Soft music played in the background, further enhancing the soothing environment. 

To conclude the event, parents were invited to have a tour of the classroom, where a designated selfie corner was set up. They had the opportunity to capture memorable moments with their children as they posed together in their nightwear. The School by Night event successfully introduced the importance of a night routine to young children. It not only taught them about bedtime habits but also provided a fun and interactive learning experience.  

Photos (top to bottom):
  • Kids, parents and teachers sat together talking.
  • Students playing with shadow puppets.
  • Students preparing to sleep.