Platinum Jubilee High School, Warangal embraces the beauty of Hindi

18 September 2023

On 14 September, the joyous and pleasing tones of Hindi resonated through the atmosphere at the Platinum Jubilee High School (PJHS), Warangal as students and teachers commemorated “Hindi Diwas” (Hindi day) – a special day devoted to acknowledging the significance of the language.

Platinum Jubilee High School, Warangal embraces the beauty of Hindi Platinum Jubilee High School, Warangal embraces the beauty of Hindi
One of the most beautiful aspects of Hindi Diwas was the multitude of voices that echoed during the celebration. Both students and teachers shared their thoughts on the language, highlighting how it connects them to their culture and heritage. Engaging discussions, fun tongue-twisters and intriguing puzzles were a part of the day’s activities, focusing on the importance of the Hindi language. It was emphasised that Hindi plays a pivotal role in unifying a diverse nation, acting as a common thread binding many together.  

In praise of the legendary Indian author, Munshi Premchand, the students and teachers took a moment to reflect on his invaluable contributions to Hindi literature. The festivities of the day were further enhanced by graceful performances of dance and poetry that celebrated the country’s rich cultural heritage. These wonderful performances took everyone on a journey to experience India's lively traditions and artistic expressions. To add a touch of humour to the day, everyone enjoyed some hilarious Hindi jokes and skits that left them in splits, reminding us that laughter transcends language barriers.  

Mr Jagdish Peche, the principal, expressed his immense pride in the students and teachers for their hard work in making the day a special one. He added that Hindi Diwas is all about celebrating the beauty of the language and that he wants students to keep loving Hindi because it makes our future harmonious. 

Head of the Hindi Department Mr Ramawar Ashok also shared his joy experiencing such a wonderful and powerful day.  

"Hosting and witnessing the Hindi Diwas celebration at our school was truly gratifying,” he said. “It was a joy to see the student’s enthusiastic participation in such a vibrant and culturally rich event, fostering a deeper connection with our national language and heritage." 

Hindi Diwas at the school was a day filled with celebration, reflection and unity, reinforcing the importance of preserving the linguistic heritage for future generations.  

  • Students and teachers participating in spectacular performances of poetry and humour.