Diamond Jubilee High School for Girls, Mumbai celebrates National Sports Day

06 September 2023

In a spirited celebration of fitness, camaraderie and the nation's sporting heritage, the Diamond Jubilee High School for Girls (DJHSG), Mumbai embarked on a week-long journey of exciting activities to mark National Sports Day in August.

Diamond Jubilee High School for Girls, Mumbai celebrates National Sports Day Diamond Jubilee High School for Girls, Mumbai celebrates National Sports Day
Held annually, National Sports Day is observed to promote sports and make it an integral part of people’s lives by acknowledging outstanding achievements and the benefits of playing sports. It is celebrated on the birthday of Major Dhyan Chand, an Indian field hockey player regarded as the greatest in history. This year's celebration at DJHSG, Mumbai showed the school’s dedication to helping students grow in both traditional and modern games for their overall development. 

A vibrant and energetic atmosphere filled the assembly hall as students from various classes gathered to celebrate. Following an inspiring video of powerful Indian sports personalities, Ms Sonal Patil, a teacher specialising in physical education, delivered an insightful speech emphasising the significance of sports in building character and discipline. She also spoke of how Major Dhyan’s remarkable achievements and contribution to Indian sports makes him an iconic figure in history, and how national awards given by the president in his name to the best performers in sports today continue to inspire children to participate. 

One of the unique features of this celebration was the seamless blend of traditional and modern sports. In the traditional games category, some students enthusiastically participated in activities such as "Pachisi” (ludo); “Gutte” (five stones); “Langdi” (hopscotch); skipping; “Chaturanga” (chess); “Lagori” (seven stones); “Passing the Ball”; “A-Tisket” (handkerchief game); and “Tic Tac Toe”. They also competed in “Carrom”, “Kho-Kho”, “Kabaddi” and others.  

Other students took part in the modern games category, including activities such as “Hot Potato”; “Stick Hurdles”; “Balance the Ball”; and the “Ring Game”. This served as an opportunity to showcase physical abilities, fostered teamwork, strategic thinking and a competitive spirit. 

“We had a great time, and there was a unique thrill in celebrating the event,” said Mariya Qureshi, a Grade 8 student. “M. S. Dhoni's (Indian cricketer) speech was incredibly inspiring and served as motivation for everyone. We also learnt a lot about traditional sports.”  

National Sports Day was not just a series of games but a manifestation of the school's commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who are grounded in their roots, yet open to the world. The Diamond Jubilee High School for Girls, Mumbai strives to inspire and remind everyone of the importance of sports in fostering physical health, mental agility and a strong sense of unity. The blend of traditional and modern games served as a reminder that while times change, the essence of sports remains timeless and universal. 

Photos (top to bottom):
  • Students playing "Carrom" and skipping.
  • Students participating in "Langdi".
  • Students playing cricket.