Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan forges key collaborations to advance access to quality education

12 December 2023

Throughout 2023, the Aga Khan Education Service (AKES), Pakistan forged significant collaborations with alumni, educational representatives and welfare organisations to continue its aim of providing students across Pakistan with access to quality education. Through the signing of four Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), all parties involved showcased a commitment to bettering education across the country.

Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan forges key collaborations to advance access to quality education Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan forges key collaborations to advance access to quality education
22 January 2023: Dr Parvez Nayani 

Dr Parvez Nayani, an esteemed alumnus of the Aga Khan School (AKS), Garden in Karachi, signed two MOUs with AKES, Pakistan.  

The first agreement, signed alongside his family, established an endowment for the AKS, Garden in memory of the late Mr Badruddin Jan Muhammad Vayani and Mrs Zohra Khanum Nayani. The agreement aimed to broaden access to education for a greater number of students. The second MOU, on behalf of the Ex-Students’ Group to Support Education (EGSE), aimed to unite alumni worldwide in supporting academic programmes and enhancing educational access. 

“As alumni, it is both a privilege and a responsibility to give back to our alma mater,” Dr Nayani said. “Our collaboration is a testament to our commitment to nurturing the next generation and ensuring they have access to the same transformative education that shaped our lives.” 

The MOU signing ceremony was attended by Dr Nayani, his family, other alumni and AKES, Pakistan leadership, including CEO Mr Imtiaz Momin. The ceremony provided a platform to discuss the institution's achievements, future plans and the alumni's commitment to contributing to education in Pakistan. 

21 March 2023: Mr Aziz Rajpari 

Mr Aziz Rajpari of Education Early to End (EE2E) and Dr Parvez Nayani signed an MOU with AKES, Pakistan to further support the institution in providing quality education, particularly for those facing challenges in attending good-quality schools.  

The signing ceremony included key figures like Mr Barkat Gillani, president of EE2E, and Mr Imtiaz. There was also an online meeting later discussing the “Access to Education Project” initiated by EGSE. 

22 April 2023: Dr Alambardarali Khuwaja 

Chairman and Founder of Khuwaja Welfare Association (KWA) Dr Alambardarali Khuwaja, alongside Dr Parvez Nayani, signed an MOU that was similar to the previous one signed in March aiming to enhance access to quality education.  

A subsequent online meeting on 6 May 2023, involving Mrs Salma Khuwaja, Dr Nayani and AKES, Pakistan representatives, showcased KWA's achievements and funding initiatives for families in need. 

“We believe that education is the key to unlocking a brighter future, and through our collaboration with the Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan, we are committed to breaking barriers and providing access to quality education for those in need,” Dr Khuwaja said. “Together, we aim to empower individuals and communities, laying the foundation for a more inclusive and educated society." 

9 December 2023: Mr Sherali Razwani 

Mr Sherali Razwani, former director of investment at the Aga Khan University, and Dr Parvez Nayani signed another MOU with AKES, Pakistan, aiming to address the needs of students who cannot attend school or struggle to attend high-quality academic institutions. 

The Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan expresses gratitude to its dedicated alumni, friends and supporters for their pivotal role in advancing the organisation's goal of providing a high-quality education across Pakistan. 
Photos: Signing ceremonies in-person and virtually.