Aga Khan School, Osh welcomes its first primary grade students

22 December 2023

The Aga Khan School (AKS), Osh welcomed Grade 1 and Grade 2 students for the first time this academic year.

Aga Khan School, Osh welcomes its first primary grade students  Aga Khan School, Osh welcomes its first primary grade students
AKS, Osh, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2023, has been providing quality education in Osh city, Kyrgyz Republic for more than two decades. Due to requests from parents and the local community, it will now extend its educational offering to primary school students.  

In preparation for the students’ arrival, the school has increased its resources and facilities with the addition of new classrooms and new desks. The classrooms have also been equipped with the proper light and ventilation, and new reading materials in English, Russian and Kyrgyz are available for the young learners in the classrooms and in the school’s Learning Resource Centre. 

“Each classroom has a TV set, printer and laptop, which provides interactive lessons using innovative teaching methods,” said Emilbek Kyzy Aliya, one of the primary school teachers. “There are a lot of different interesting resources that can develop the students' logical and critical thinking. We also created a cozy reading corner so the children can read books of different genres that are interesting to them.” 

An enhanced co-curricular afternoon programme is also available to the students, which includes a logical thinking programme, LEGO robotics, chess club, science programme and more, all of which are in line with the Kyrgyz Republic State Curriculum.  

“A lot has been completed to make sure the school is fully equipped with required resources to make the learning process of the young students both interactive and engaging,” said School Director Natalya Deryabkina. “Our team of teachers at AKS, Osh are constantly learning and upgrading their skills with a special focus on age-specific teaching requirements and methods in line with the national curriculum.” 

Teachers at the school have also been participating in professional development sessions ahead of the arrival of Grade 1 and 2 students. These sessions supported the educators with adapting their teaching strategies as well as inspiring them to promote a positive, interactive and inclusive learning environment for all students.  

“While renovating the school, we focused our attention on all ages, especially the younger students’ needs,” said Primary Teacher Anor Baigova. “A range of inspiring environments for children to explore have been established, including a spacious outdoor playing area to encourage children to realize their potential, build strength and develop self-confidence.”  

To learn more, please contact the Aga Khan School, Osh here.  

Photo captions (top to bottom): 
  • Primary grade students in their classroom 
  • Students participating in an activity
  • Students working with their teacher on an assignment