Grandparents' Day at the Aga Khan Preschools

19 September 2023

A special day celebrating the unique bond between grandparents and their grandchildren was held across all Aga Khan Preschools on 16 September with lots of excitement.

Grandparents' Day at the Aga Khan Preschools  Grandparents' Day at the Aga Khan Preschools  Grandparents' Day at the Aga Khan Preschools
Grandparents and their grandchildren participated in different activities catered to what the grandparents enjoyed doing. The day started with fun games that brought together different generations. Everyone played games that made them laugh and created memorable moments.  

Grandparents took the spotlight as they shared enchanting stories from their own childhood with the children. One of the most heartwarming moments of the day was when the children gave their grandparents handmade cards. These cards were filled with love, gratitude and colourful drawings, a small way of saying thank you for the endless love and wisdom their grandparents share with them. 

“I like the idea of celebrating Grandparents Day, as it was a unique experience in which I recall our childhood memories,” said Salimabhai Somani, a grandmother of a student at the Aga Khan Preschool, Bhanvad. ‘The best part of the day was spending time with kids and sharing stories and enjoying fun activities. “ 

Photos: Students and their grandparents participating in activities.