Aga Khan High School, Kampala students organise a cancer run

20 January 2024

As a part of their ongoing creativity, activity, service (CAS) project, Diploma Programme students at the Aga Khan High School, Kampala organised a cancer run on 20 January to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

Aga Khan High School, Kampala students organise a cancer run Aga Khan High School, Kampala students organise a cancer run Aga Khan High School, Kampala students organise a cancer run
In the town of Kakajjo, in the Kira sub-county, the students started the initial stages of their CAS planning by investigating the post-COVID-19 needs of the villages surrounding the school. From their interactions with the local community, the students understood the vital need for a cancer awareness programme and started thinking of effective ways they could use to spread the right information.   

They chose to organise a cancer run for members of the Kakajjo community struggling with prostate cancer, as well as arrange for several cancer screening kits for participants. The students worked in collaboration with the Uganda Cancer Institute, which aims to support men through health challenges and mobilise local communities with important information to help eradicate the chance of cancer in people.  

With the support of event sponsors, students prepared for the run by setting up tents and chairs, arranging water for the participants, and gathering first aid kits, a band and a sound system.   

The run was successful, with over 80 participants hailing from Kakajjo and another nearby village, Kagugube. After the run, 40 men received cancer screening kits and important information to ensure their physical and mental well-being while battling the illness. Additionally, some women joined the men during the event and were given information about breast and cervical cancer.   

“As a team, we shall continue to develop our individual and shared responsibility, and effective teamwork and collaboration,” said Arjun Gupte, one of the student organisers.  

The community praised the students’ passion and dedication towards the cause and thanked them for providing several cancer screening kits in collaboration with the Uganda Cancer Insitute. This event also inspired the community to continue accessing support from schools in the local area.   

“I observed the students develop planning skills, thinking skills, communication skills and higher levels of confidence with the community,” said Grace Lubuulwa, the school’s CAS coordinator. “I must say that the self-management and collaboration skills were excellent for the group. We are forever grateful to the support staff on the ground, the Head Teacher Mr Musaazi and the school staff, the Aga Khan Education Service, Uganda CEO, Mr Mahmoud Sayani, and the Kakajjo community Village Health Team.”   

Photos (top to bottom): 
  • Students, with a large banner, leading participants at the start of the run. 
  • A student taking pictures during the event. 
  • Students participating in some stretches before the run. 
  • Students engaging with members of the community.