Nostalgic alumni reunion at the Aga Khan School, Mundra

14 November 2023

The Aga Khan School (AKS), Mundra hosted a heartwarming alumni reunion on 11 November 2023, bringing together the threads of cherished memories and lifelong friendships. The event was meticulously planned and spearheaded by a dedicated team, which included some of the school’s active and enthusiastic alumni.

Nostalgic alumni reunion at the Aga Khan School, Mundra Nostalgic alumni reunion at the Aga Khan School, Mundra
The day began with a nostalgic assembly led by the alumni, setting the tone for a day filled with camaraderie and shared experiences. The reunion was a delightful amalgamation of activities and showcased the diverse talents of past students. From indoor games to a treasure hunt to an outdoor segment featuring games like cricket and volleyball, old bonds were rekindled through teamwork and laughter. The alumni also ventured on a school tour, providing alumni with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the dynamic ambience of the mathematics and science labs. They also demonstrated their artistic skills using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the computer lab.  

Following the tour, alumni from the same graduating class shared more about their diverse careers. They highlighted the school’s ability to develop not just its students’ academic prowess, but also the skills and aspirations they would need to succeed in their careers.  

"I had the privilege of attending AKS, Mundra’s alumni reunion and it was truly a delightful experience that surpassed all expectations,” shared Mr Salim Papuani, currently serving as a relationship manager at ICICI Bank. “I am thankful for being part of such a memorable occasion.” 

Sameer Awadiya, a civil engineer, echoed the same sentiment and wished to be a part of such future gatherings. Mr Karan Takkar, a chartered accountant, was happy to see the transformation the school has undergone in the past 13 years and was delighted to be a part of the reunion. 

The Aga Khan School, Mundra looks forward to many more alumni reunions, each weaving new chapters into the rich narrative of the school's history. The school takes immense pride in fostering an enduring sense of community, with this reunion being a testament to the lasting impact of the education and friendships cultivated within its walls.

Photos (top to bottom):
  • The stage, at AKS, Mundra, setup for the event. 
  • Alumni taking part in fun games and challenges.
  • Alumni taking part in fun games and challenges.