Exploring the world of learning centres across the Aga Khan Education Service, India

01 June 2024

Across the schools a part of the Aga Khan Education Service (AKES), India, the dedication to fostering all-around development has led to the creation of carefully designed learning centres to support students and their academic development.

Exploring the world of learning centres across the Aga Khan Education Service, India Exploring the world of learning centres across the Aga Khan Education Service, India Exploring the world of learning centres across the Aga Khan Education Service, India
Set up in designated areas in classrooms, the learning centres provide hands-on, interactive activities for students to explore and learn specific topics or skills. These centres provide a safe space for all types of learners, such as kinaesthetic learners, and helps them become more independent and confident in their learning. 

Children explore the learning centres during the three-part “Plan Do Review” time: planning time, where students express their interests and intentions; work time, where they engage in planned play activities that promote hands-on learning, skill practice and real-life role exploration; and recall time, where they reflect on their experiences, enhancing self-expression, language development and critical thinking. 

The learning centres present opportunities for learning across subject areas; 

  • Language and literacy: Students engage in theme-related reading and writing activities e.g., community helpers, families, animals, plants and more.  

  • Mathematics: Students explore and practice mathematics-related concepts, such as counting, measuring, basic data analysis, etc.  

  • Science: Students are introduced to the natural world through plant and animal studies, as well as the study of the human body and animal identification and classification. Children learn about the properties of materials such as magnets, mirrors, etc. as they explore, make assumptions, experiment and draw conclusions.  

  • Art: Students explore different mediums of art and work with 2D and 3D art to create portraits or engage in leaf printing, origami, drawing and much more.  

  • Drama: Students participate in dramatic plays exploring various themes, such as community roles and diverse family structures.  

  • Music: Students explore the world of music using various instruments, honing their listening skills and sound distinction.

Additionally, these centres play a pivotal role in developing vital life skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. Students also learn time management, research skills and improve their communication and social skills through interacting with their peers. 

“In the learning centre, every child enters like a seed waiting to bloom,” said Ms Rashida Nasir, the learning centre teacher in charge at the Diamond Jubilee High School, Mumbai. “We provide them with various resources and activities to explore and nurture their curiosity which helps to increase their knowledge about the ongoing theme they are learning.” 

The learning centres across the Aga Khan Education Service, India are not just spaces, but experiences contributing to the growth and preparation of the students for academic success and a life beyond the classroom. These spaces respect and value each child's unique journey, which ultimately empowers them with essential life skills and a positive attitude towards learning.

Photos (top to bottom):

  • Students using blocks to learn about animals in the science area.
  • Students acting in the drama area. 
  • Students learning about plants in the science area. 
  • Students colouring in the art area.