Extra-Curricular Activities

The Aga Khan Lycée in Khorog recognizes the importance of a well-rounded education that features activities beyond the classroom.

The extra-curricular clubs are facilitated by teachers as well as community experts, and are organized to meet the leadership and citizenship objectives of the AKES graduate profile. AKL clubs go further by giving students opportunities to learn and practice:

  • Decision-making skills,
  • Interpersonal skills,
  • Community service, and
  • Critical and evaluation skills

AKL offers a wide-ranging choice of clubs that include:

  • Academic clubs such as Math, Computers, Science, Russian language, IT and Geography;
  • Cultural clubs such as Art, Music, Chess and Handicrafts;
  • Sports clubs including Basketball and TaeKwonDo;
  • Citizenship clubs which are Business, Health, Tourism, and Civil Society.

Science Fair

Recognizing that the progress of every nation and community relies on innovation and new ideas, the Aga Khan Lycee introduced an initiative to nurture a love of science, scientific research and its application among young people. Annually, the AKL organizes the Science Fair, in which more than 250 students from grades 2 to 10 participate and present over 50 projects in various disciplines, including physics, chemistry, ecology and biology. The students share their scientific findings before a jury, which is comprised of the Aga Khan Development Network’s agencies, international organizations, as well as representatives from Government and educational institutions. Those students with the most notable and inspiring projects are recognised and awarded.

AKL Summer Camp

The AKL Summer Camp was first launched in 2006 in Khorog, Badakhshan,Tajikistan. The primary goals of the camp are to help participants develop their teamwork and leadership skills. Secondary goals are to help participants explore pluralism and civil society.

Participants are selected from both the Aga Khan Lycée and Government schools. To date, over 1000 students participated in the camp and over 100 benefited from the camp facilitators’ sessions. The camp supports young people to develop more independence, increased confidence and self-awareness, and a sense of belonging and responsibility to the wider community.

Positive Youth Development Forum

Annually, over 500 students of grades 8-11 benefit from this forum. The aim of this project is to the strengthen relationships and build a greater sense of community amongst the students of Khorog town, thereby reducing the chances of conflict amongst the youth. The programme builds on the student’s skills nurtured during summer camp, and promotes a sense of service to others through various civil society projects in and around Khorog town.

Students from 11 Government schools of Khorog town come together to discuss and understand the needs of their community members and the various constraints on them. This then evolves into local school or neighborhood projects whereby the youth learn how to make a case and involve the various stakeholders to address the problems at hand. They further hone their leadership skills and develop dispositions towards civic engagement, and in turn they learn to be more critical and creative in their thinking and problem-solving and develop important interpersonal and real-world skills.


The AKL also enables its students to successfully participate in different National and International competitions, commonly known as Olympiads, much of them focusing on knowledge in specific subject domains. AKL believes that such opportunities bring rigor to the academic experience, broadens their horizon and develops their personal talent. Students in their final year of high school that achieve outstanding results in National and International Olympiads are rewarded at times with direct admissions to universities and/or receive financial rewards that can be used toward higher education.

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