Frequent Questions

Q: Is the Aga Khan Lycée a religious school?

A: No. In fact, the School is non-denominational. Children from varied religious backgrounds and nationalities are welcome. Admission is based on merit.

Q: Why study at the Aga Khan Lycée?

A: The School provides not only state-of-the-art facilities and equipment but also promotes student-centered learning that prepares students for the demands of modern life and work.

Q: After successfully completing their studies, where do your students go?

A: Graduates may study at the University of Central Asia (campuses in Khorog and Naryn), at Khorog State University, universities in Dushanbe, Universities and colleges within Central Asia, and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Q: Do you provide textbooks?

A: Yes, the Lycée provides all textbooks and learning resources during the academic year.

Q: Do you provide transport facilities?

A: No, a school bus is not available. Parents/guardians are responsible for making transportation arrangements for their child.

Q: Do you provide canteen services?

A: Yes, there is a privately managed company providing hot meals and snacks in the cafeteria.

Q: Do you have boarding facilities?

A: No. The Lycée does not offer boarding facilities.

Q: What if we cannot afford to pay our child's school fees?

A: Financial assistance is available and is based on need and merit. Families are requested to see the Director.

Q: Does the School have an Internet facility?

A: Yes, students, faculty and staff can access the Internet in the Computer labs and Learning Resource Centre.

Q: Are classes conducted on Saturdays?

A: There are lessons on Saturdays except for primary classes.

Q: What is the difference between this private school and other state schools?

A: The Lycée enriches the National curricula by including additional languages, and enrichment materials in Math, Sciences, Information Technology and the Fine Arts. The language and computer classes are split in two smaller groups with more resources allocated to these subjects. In some subjects, more periods of instruction are allocated than in state schools. The Lycee also has a diverse offering of enrichment programmes through its co-curricular clubs.

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