Settling In: How Parents Can Help

Nursery is often a new experience for children and it takes time for each child to feel comfortable and to develop positive relationships with Centre staff and other children.

Entering a new environment can be an emotional experience for both parent and child. At the AKELC staff work together with parents to make the separation process as easy as possible.

Careful planning and the knowledge that some separation anxiety and tears are normal can make the transition process go more smoothly. Our aim is to settle your child into the nursery environment as soon as possible.

How quickly a child adapts depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The child’s age and stage of development,
  • The child’s past experiences,
  • The skills of the staff, and
  • The parent’s ability to prepare themselves and the child for separation.

Parents can help by:

  • Becoming familiar with the Centre policies, routines and environment and talk about this with their child each day during transitions between home and school,
  • Spending time in the Centre during the first few weeks to comfort their child as needed,
  • Reminding their child that they will return to pick them up at a set time, and do this consistently. Children may become quite upset if parents are not prompt,
  • Speaking positively about the Centre and the activities so their child can feel safe and secure in their new environment.
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