PAKISTAN: First-ever Alumni Reunion for the Aga Khan Higher Secondary Schools in Gilgit-Baltistan

20 December 2018

In an effort to strengthen an alumni community, Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan hosted the first-ever alumni reunion programme for all Aga Khan Higher Secondary Schools in Gilgit Baltistan.

This event was to share the successes among our alumni in the continued pursuit of excellence in education.  This reunion was the first of its kind in which alumni from all AKHSS (Gilgit, Ghakuch, Sherqilla, and Hunza) campuses came together after several years to celebrate their success. 

Over 250 alumni participated in the reunion, out of which approximately 40% were current university students and 60% professionals. 

Alumni were given the chance to share their success stories along with a video presentation of an Alumni Initiative.  A panel discussion amongst the principals and vice principals of higher secondary schools was also part of the event. The keynote speaker, Dr. Shehzad Jeeva, Director of Aga Khan University Examination Board, spoke about building lifelong relationships between alumni and their respective schools. In his speech, Dr. Jeeva also promoted a spirit of volunteering and co-operation amongst alumni. 

Secretary of Education for Gilgit Baltistan, Mr. Khadim Hussain Saleem was the Honorable Chief Guest of the event. The CEO of AKES, P Mr. Imtiaz Momin, Head of Education Mr. Aien Shah, both the General Manager’s for Gilgit and Chitral along with all AKHSS Faculties, AKESP Staff and other Special guests also participated.

Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan (AKES, P) has played a significant role in promoting education in Pakistan. With a history spanning more than 110-years, Aga Khan schools in Pakistan have produced thousands of successful alumni. 

An engaged, motivated and enthusiastic group of alumni is central to the success of any educational institution. Therefore AKES, P has formally launched the Alumni Engagement Programme in 2016 to engage former Aga Khan graduates. This programme helps determine the ultimate outcomes of their educational endeavors, and to learn about their contributions to society.