Read aloud with the Diamond Jubilee High School, Hyderabad

08 March 2022

To commemorate World Read Aloud Day, the Diamond Jubilee High School (DJHS), Hyderabad initiated read-aloud sessions in February for its students.

In the pre-primary section, two read-aloud sessions are scheduled per week, in which the teachers would use flashcards and props to support the young learners and help them enjoy reading. Parents are also invited to read to the students once a week, which they thoroughly enjoyed.  

“To ensure a child reads, it is imperative that parents lead the way, and we are grateful to our parents for supporting our read-aloud sessions,” said Grade 2 Teacher Ms Charmaine Pascal. “Reading not only improves vocabulary, but it also widens a child’s horizons and supports a child in developing a connection with the language.” 

Parents are also appreciative of the read-aloud sessions as they saw an improvement in their child’s engagement with books, vocabulary and more.  

“I am happy that my son can read simple sentences and that he understands what he’s reading due to the consistent read-aloud sessions conducted by his teachers and the parents,” said Mrs Nishrin Ali Kauser Udaipur Wala, a parent of a pre-primary student.  

In the secondary section, the students have a more structured language development programme with frequent read-aloud sessions to enhance their fluency, vocabulary and engagement with books.   

These read-aloud sessions are one of the many initiatives DJHS, Hyderabad has begun this year to enhance its students’ literacy skills and will continue to implement more initiatives throughout the academic year.

  • A parent reading with their child from DJHS, Hyderabad