Diamond Jubilee High School, Hyderabad nurtures young minds to embrace their identity

30 August 2023

At the Diamond Jubilee High School (DJHS), Hyderabad, a vibrant atmosphere filled with curiosity, exploration and joy came to life as Nursery and Kindergarten students celebrated the culmination of an engaging theme, “I am Special”, to embrace the various facets of their identities.

Over the course of several weeks, the students were introduced to the wonders of their senses and the marvels of their internal and external organs. As they explored the five senses – sight, smell, taste, touch and sound – the children developed a deeper appreciation for the world around them. Through hands-on activities, discussions and interactive sessions, they gained insight into how their senses help them understand and navigate their environment. 

The students wholeheartedly embraced the theme by creating vibrant cut-outs of themselves representing their senses. These colourful creations adorned the classroom walls, serving as a constant reminder of their uniqueness. In a developmentally appropriate and inclusive manner, the children also explored the idea of gender and its role in shaping individuality. The discussions were guided by compassion and respect, fostering an environment where every child's voice was heard and valued. 

The nursery class showcased their talents as they confidently recited the “I am Special” rhyme, embodying the spirit of self-assuredness and self-expression. Through these recitations, they portrayed the confidence and joy that stems from understanding oneself and embracing their unique attributes.  

“My son is in nursery and I was amazed by the learning that took place during the week, I find my child more expressive now,” shared Ms Zakiya Fatima, a parent of a nursery student. 

The culmination of the "I am Special" theme was more than just an event – it was a testament to the transformative power of early education in nurturing a sense of identity, empathy and belongingness. As these young minds continue to flourish and explore at the Diamond Jubilee High School, Hyderabad, this foundation of self-awareness and acceptance will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping their future endeavours. 

  • Nursery and Kindergarten students at DJHS, Hyderabad.