The Diamond Jubilee High School for Girls, Mumbai

The School is affiliated to the Maharashtra State Board, offering Secondary School Certificate (SSC) programme to students from Classes I to X. Lessons at all levels are facilitated through an integrated curriculum and supplemented by a variety of co-curricular activities, field trips and class projects.

About Us

Aga Khan Schools aspire to deliver an inclusive, academically rigorous and well-rounded curriculum that honours the context in which students live and their place as global citizens.

Graduates from Aga Khan Schools are equipped with the knowledge they need to thrive throughout their adult lives, skills to be successful in an ever-changing world and attitudes and values to conduct themselves respectfully and embrace diversity in all its forms. Aga Khan Schools endeavour to teach students to make ethical choices and to embrace the strength of pluralism and service. Aga Khan Schools are committed to diligent scholarship and stewardship.

The Diamond Jubilee High School for Girls (DJG), under the flagship of Aga Khan Education Service, India (AKESI), strives towards its mission to enable many generations of students to acquire both knowledge and the essential wisdom to balance that knowledge and enable their lives to attain the highest fulfilment.

DJG is a place where quality education meets innovation and excellence. As an all-girls' school, DJG has recognized the value of the overall development of girls for the benefit of the larger community since its establishment in 1947. The school is recognised by the Maharashtra State Education Department and follows the curriculum of the state education board. The school offers classes from nursery to Grade 10 in English medium to over 1,000 students from various cultural and social backgrounds each year.

The school invests in professional training and development of its teachers to ensure world class pedagogy and teacher development. To ensure students get the required support for their learning, additional teachers are appointed for specialized subjects such as Math, Science and English. DJG educates girls holistically so that they can make meaningful contribution to society and become strong leaders in our communities.

DJG is well-recognized in the Dongri region of South Mumbai for its consistent 100% pass rate in the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exams. The school is among the top schools in the Greater Mumbai region and has been awarded the following:

  • Number 10 among all girls' schools across Mumbai in the Education World School Ranking Survey 2020.
  • Number 12 among all state board schools across Mumbai (2,500+ schools) in the Times School Survey 2020.

DJG has achieved a 100% pass percentage in its SSC exams for the last six consecutive years. In the 2019-2020 academic year, 35 students scored between 75%-89% and 37 students achieved a first class. The average result in the 2018-2019 academic year was 75% and the highest percentage was 94%. From 2015 to 2020, the school has shown an upward trend of success in the SSC exams. Each year, students who have no additional private tuition support shine amongst the top rankers - the school has provided support and guidance to aid their success.

DJG inspires its students and teachers alike, resulting in an educational experience that is rewarding and enriching. Through rigorous efforts, the school works towards creating a brighter tomorrow for its students and school community.

Vision, Mission and Core Values


Enriching lives by creatively enhancing and sustaining quality education in a relevant global environment.


To enable many generations of students to acquire both knowledge and the essential wisdom to balance that knowledge and enable their lives to attain the highest fulfilment.

Core Values

We strive towards excellence with an earnest desire to continually improve, learn and grow.

Ethical Standards
Ethical values such as integrity, honesty and responsibility serve as a guiding light in challenging situations. The staff model the highest standards of ethics for students to observe and follow.

Pluralism and Diversity
India is a melting pot of cultures, customs and traditions. Accepting the diversity and having a pluralistic attitude is key to becoming contributing members of society. The school environment, staff and practices acknowledge and reflect this belief.

Life-Long Learning
We are constantly learning and evolving to facilitate an excellent education for our students.

Global Citizenship
We provide students with adequate opportunities to develop and hone their perspectives. They are encouraged to be mindful about the world beyond them and its impact on their lives and vice-versa. The school strives to instil the values, attitudes and behaviours that support global citizenship – creativity, innovation, commitment to peace, human rights and sustainable development.

Message - Head of School

Welcome to DJG!

DJG is committed to educating girls to become strong leaders in our communities.

DJG encourages students to plan and construct their own learning within a caring environment where everyone is engaged, happy, safe and secure. Each student is guided and encouraged to observe the world around them, nurturing their curiosity and creativity and applying their learnings in many ways. The various co-curricular activities through clubs, sports, Judo and much more, supports students to connect what they learn in the classroom with real life.

DJG's dedicated and versatile teachers ceaselessly and tirelessly empower the girls to excel, aspire to and attain high standards of education. Our teachers are a beacon of hope to all our students.

DJG helps its students to see the world beyond their homes, gain the confidence and courage to face the challenges of life, and become responsible global citizens. At DJG we focus on supporting students to develop 21st century skills and our students are well versed in technology, result oriented, ethically sound, empathetic, eco-conscious and positive, which enables them to be lifelong learners and fruitful citizens.

Principal – Vardah Roghay

Our Student Council

The Student Council was established to provide students with the voice and choice to create a mind-set of self-direction and a powerful student-centric movement. Members have the opportunity to hone their intrapersonal and interpersonal skills and learn about the ethics of fair governance and the essence of democracy. Some of the key skills that they develop include reflection, responsibility for oneself and others, teamwork, valuing multiple perspectives and leadership.

The Student Council consists of a Primary Student Council (Grades 3 and 4) and Secondary Student Council (Grades 9 and 10) with 12 members respectively on each council. These council members are democratically elected by their fellow students, teachers, principal and vice-principal based on the parameters of integrity, leadership and academic achievement. The Student Council is led by the School Captain (Head Girl), School Vice-Captain (Assistant Head Girl), Sports Captain, Assistant Sport Captain, House Captains and Assistant House Captains.

School House System

DJG follows the traditional methodology of apportioning pupils into smaller groups, known as houses, creating smaller communities within the wider school community. This enables the students to demonstrate and develop social values and team spirit.

Each house's name is inspired by various eminent personalities in India. The four houses have a symbol, name and colour – Mahatma Gandhi House (Yellow), Mother Teresa House (Blue), A.P.J. Abdul Kalam House (Red) and Rabindranath Tagore House (Green). Furthermore, each house is represented by the House Captain and led by the House Mistress (Teacher).

Every child from Grade 1 onwards is assigned to one of the houses and remains in the same house throughout her school life. The students contribute to their house by participating in various inter-house competitions in sports, cultural and academic related activities throughout the year.

Our Parents

At DJG we firmly believe that parents play a pivotal role in the functioning of a school and the overall development of their children.

Parents of all sections are offered a variety of opportunities to participate in school activities. Parents are encouraged to volunteer their time and support the school to facilitate their child’s overall development. Parental attendance on Open Days and Parent Teacher Meetings (PTMs) is compulsory.

The school also seeks parental involvement through its Parent Teachers Association (PTA).

The PTA comprises of parents from the Primary and Secondary Sections who are elected under the guidelines of the State Education Department.

The PTA has one parent and one teacher as representatives of each grade. PTA elections are conducted at the beginning of each academic year. Thus, the school encourages an on-going partnership with parents to ensure the smooth functioning of its operations and support to the school community.


The School remains accessible to former students and encourages them to participate in the School activities.

Alumni are encouraged to contact the school. For more information please contact:

Ms. Abeda Khan
Mr. Anish Kanani
Tel: (+91 22) 2377 8554

The Alumni Coordinators can be contacted in person between 11.00 - 17.00 hours on any working day.